Predicting Biodiversity with Generlaized Joint Attribute Models (PBGJAM)

PBGJAM is a collaborative project led by the Clark and Swenson Labs at Duke University. This website provides the output of this porject, maps and models of how climate change will potentially affect the critical habitat of species across North America, essentially the future abundance and composition of ecological communities.

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Check our Model Outputs!


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Check our Model Outputs!

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Check our Model Outputs!

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What is PBGJAM?

PBGJAM is a NASA funded project which assimilates biodiversity and habitat data to predict species and community response under climate change; develops a web-based forecast of climate vulnerability for scientists, managers, and decision makers; and transforms high-dimensional biodiversity and remote-sensing data into near real-time risk predictions.
Automated Workflows

Automatic assimilation of biodiversity and remote sensing inputs ensures up-to-date and accurate predictions across the US

Bayesian Modeling

Generalized Joint Attribute Modeling (GJAM) fits all species jointly, ensuring robust community and species level predictions

Risk Prediction

Our models forecast community reorganization under climate change, with information for decision makers & scientists

Interactive Web Map

Allows the public, decision makers, and scientists to explore, visualize, and download our forecast models

Developer Version

With tutorials and code available, you can leverage our models and workflow to incorporate and augment your own data


We seek to achieve the highest standard in our work, and make available all our code to ensure our models are accurate

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Ready to go tablet

Access our web maps on tablet, laptop, and desktop. All functionality is retained across platforms and browsers.


Learn to use your own data through our Tutorials.

Upload your own biodiversity data, your own environmental variables, or extend our model to outside the United States!

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News and Publications

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Our Partners

PBGJAM is a collaborative project with financial and logistical support from the following partners